Hi, I'm Christopher Ross, the author of Another Coder Blog. 

I'm a clinical psychologist and informaticist by day, and a programming nerd by... day and night? Clinical Informatics, in a nutshell, bridges IT with the practice and delivery of clinical care. I have a PhD in Clinical Psychology and I'm currently working on an MS in Computer Science. 

Part of what excites me about coding is that it feels like a neverending journey to not only further hone my current proficiencies, but to branch out and always be on the lookout for new skills and technologies to learn and test. There are endless opportunities to grow as a programmer, and I find that reality exhilarating. I created this blog to share some of what I learn along my path with other like-minded sojourners. Even the best of the best were at one time considered just "another coder." It's dedication to the craft and the unquenchable thirst to learn more that separate those who meet their goals from the rest. 

christopher ross

Feel free to stop in from time-to-time (or better yet sign up for my newsletter below!) to join me on this journey. I wish you the best of luck with yours.

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